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Natalia Norton






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Natalia Norton is a Canadian Artist of Chilean descent living in Canada.  Born in the capital city of Santiago, Natalia migrated north with her family to Timminis, Ontario just after birth, then to the GTA where she lived from child to teen.  She is now settled into the suburb of Mississauga with her loving husband and daughter.

From a young age, Natalia has shown an avid interest in art.  From drawing to model making and three dimensional sculpting.  Natalia maintains a firm grasp on her talents and continues to develop and hone her skills.  Feeling the magnetic pull towards the camera,  Natalia was soon married to photography in a divine love affair, capturing with affection everything in her path.  Although very outgoing in spirit, Natalia considers herself an introvert.  Compelled and amazed by capturing the most intimate moments in each of our lives, the ones that we all hold so dear, Natalia is determined to make her mark in the world and to help others learn to appreiciate the simple visuals in life that can be so easily overlooked.


As a youth growing up in Toronto and making her way through life, Natalia found herself spending much of her time traveling in the transit system, during which time she would sharpen her skills by drawing, sketching and writing about the other passengers and passer-by in the streets.  this silent documentationled the way and built a firm path towards a future of make-up artistry, prop and set fabrication, and movie making.  In love with the human eye and the beauty of one's soul seen through its  theoretical window, Natalia focuses on the natural emotions and feelings captured through digital film and photography.  Over the years, natalia has become a master of light captured through balance where she continues to develop her fine art.    

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